Welcome to Climex

Climex Pvt Ltd is one of the leading exporters of coconut based products, beverages including tea, spices, rice, fresh fish and vegetables. Furthermore, another speciality which Climex exports are king coconut (bottled and in its natural form).
Whilst having over 10 years of experience, we strive to offer the highest quality products to our customers under the Climex brand name.

Introducing Climex Coconut Milk Powder

Made from the finest and freshest Sri Lankan Coconuts, handpicked from the plantations in the coconut triangle.

Climex Coconut Milk Poweder has become the No.1 choice amongst Sri Lankan housewives. It provides the housewife that traditional taste of real coconut with a greater convenience to keep pace with today’s busy lifestyle.

We are now ready to deliver our Climax Coconut Milk Powder to other countries.



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