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Climex Exports (Pvt) Ltd is a leading exporter of fresh fruit & vegetable, tea, spices and natural beverages to the international market for the past 20 years, Climex exports entail an immediate expansion in the operations with the escalating demand from the overseas buyers for Climex products.

The objective of Climex Exports (Pvt) Ltd is to embark on developing and upgrading the presentinfrastructure to handle the increasing orders. The investment will be to develop the transportation,warehouse and production capacity to meet the buyers demand without any interruption in the supply chain. Our goal is a persistence of commitment towards the development of the export market and for a sustainable income source for our famer community.

Already Climex had invested LKR …… million in Sri Lankan operations by building a high-end packaging facility. Under proposed development plan, Climex Exports (Pvt) Ltd require your esteemed organization’s assistance for this purpose.

Dehydrated Fruit Prodution

Climex Exports (Pvt) Ltd had been in the forefront for sustainability and innovation in all our operations, Climex has identified 30%+ of fruit and vegetable production in Sri Lanka goes on waste due to various reasons. One of the main reasons is due to the lack of sustainable supply chain, adequate storage space, cooling facility, inefficiency in transportation etc… To mitigate the food waste Climex decided to set an example for the food & beverage industry by transforming 50% of its fruit production in to dehydrated production.

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